Remote Accounting Service

Do you live too far away from your Accountant? Or are you just too busy to see your Accountant?

We understand that your location or your busy schedule may limit your availability to see your Accountant in person. This does not mean you cannot have the same service as someone who lives in a major city or someone who has the time to see their Accountant.

Using our Remote Accounting Service and cloud based accounting technology we can streamline the management of your business, make your bookkeeping easier and provide you with tax and accounting services and advice wherever you are in Australia.

As a Xero Gold Partner, we are experts in online accounting and as long as you have an internet connection, we have the solution for you. We can see in real-time how your business is performing, assist you with your bookkeeping and have access to your data to prepare your BAS, Financial Statements and Tax Returns no matter where you are in Australia.

At Luka Group we enjoy being involved in our clients businesses, understanding your goals and helping you achieve them. Experience has shown us that running a business can be one of the loneliest occupations, if you do not have access to your Accountant when you need them.

Utilising the internet and using various applications we can also perform document transfers, emails and video conference meetings whenever necessary to give you the level of service that you would get if you were in a major city or were physically able to see your Accountant.

Many of our existing clients utilising our Remote Accounting Service previously had to post their records and data files to their Accountant. We have saved these clients weeks in turnaround times by being able to access their data and Accounting program by simply using the internet.

How is Remote Accounting different to normal Accounting?
The only difference is how we meet with you and how you send us your tax and business information. Instead of needing to travel hours to see your Accountant or trying to schedule an appointment in your lunch break, meetings are held via video conference and/or phone. Also, instead of sending us a thumb drive or shoebox of receipts, information is gathered directly from your bank statements, which regularly and automatically uploads into Xero.

Contact us today on 02 6883 2200 to find out more about our Remote Accounting Service and how it will make your life easier and business run smoother.

Other services we offer

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  • Life Insurance, Income Protection, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance and Trauma (or Critical Illness) Insurance.