Luka Group’s Response To The Coronavirus

As you would be aware there are many unknowns with the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Whilst we do not have Coronavirus in our office, we want to assure everyone that our commitment to our clients and staff needs is our priority along with the health of our clients and staff.

At present we are operating as usual with precautions taken where necessary. The precautions are:

  • We have elected as an office not to shake hands;
  • We are asking that everyone keep a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves;
  • Where possible we would like to minimise our meetings, if they are necessary these will be kept to a minimum and short in time;
  • If you are unwell, concerned or self-isolating and would like a virtual meeting please let us know, we can arrange that through Microsoft Teams. We can send you a Microsoft Teams link by email and you do not need to buy any software;
  • Any client that comes into our office to sign documents will be given a pen that they can keep;
  • Every time someone enters our office they are asked to wash their hands – please do not be offended, it is a precautionary measure;
  • Finally, if you have symptoms, have been diagnosed with Coronavirus or are not feeling well please do not enter our office.

For more information on the Coronavirus please follow this link:

This is an evolving situation. Should our circumstances change and our office does need to close or our staff need to isolate we are well equipped with the latest technology to have virtual meetings, phone calls to continue to deliver our services to you.

We appreciate your assistance and understanding at this time.