Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Why is Superannuation Important?
Superannuation is your money and you will need it to fund your retirement.

The average couple who wants to spend $60,000 pa in retirement will require well over $1 million in retirement savings. See the table below.

How much super do you need to retire

What is the most important decisions for your superannuation?

  1. Fees – the superannuation industry has evolved quickly over the past decade and many old products can have high fees.
  2. Investment option – your investment option will drive the return of your superannuation over the long term. While a 2% difference in return doesn’t seem like much, it can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in your balance by the time you retire, as shown in the graph below.

How much superannuation do I need to retire

Are you confident your superannuation will fund your retirement?

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