Investment Advice in Dubbo

Investment Advice in Dubbo
The average investor has underperformed every major asset class over the past 20 years; they have even underperformed inflation (see the chart below).

The reason for this is simple – investors are affected by a number of emotional biases that lead to poorly timed investment decisions. The old adage “buy low; sell high” is hard to implement in practice and for may investors has been the opposite – “buy high; sell low”.

Not only can a Luka Group Financial Planner help you navigate investment markets and formulate an investment portfolio, they can help you make rational investment decisions and stop emotional investment decisions from eroding your returns.

Investment Advice in Dubbo

Your most important investment decision

Your most important investment decision is to chose your asset allocation, which should be based on your goals, time frame and tolerance to risk (referred to as your “Risk Profile”). Asset allocation is important because it will determine your return, your level of volatility and whether or not you can achieve your goals. Sometimes your Risk Profile and the asset allocation you need to achieve your goals differ; if this is the case you will need to make a trade off between the asset allocation that you are more comfortable with and the asset allocation that is more in line with your goals. A Financial Adviser can help you through this process.

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