Oliver’s Insights – Nine reasons why recession remains unlikely in Australia

Recent stories in the media have spread fear of a looming recession in the Australian economy. Is this a real concern, of just headlines designed to grab your attention? To find out more, read the attached article by one of Australia’s leading economists, … Continue reading

Rent vs lifestyle—can you have it all?

So you’ve found the property of your dreams. It’s a stone’s throw from the CBD’s trendiest shopping street, boasts fabulous views  and comes with a fully-equipped kitchen boasting European appliances plus luxury spa bathroom. OK, it’s a bit pricey but it … Continue reading

11 steps to financial independence for Australian women

Being financially independent is a mindset that many women are aspiring to, particularly those in relationships. While your job, or your partner’s career is secure today, tomorrow it could be a different story, and often that can lead to a … Continue reading

Buy, sell or hold: How to deal with market movements

When share markets fall, every investor has a different emotional response. Some investors get anxious and sell up at the first drop in value, whereas others are happy to ride out short term fluctuations to realise the long-term benefits of … Continue reading